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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Peelable Paint…

Application Process:

  • Vinyl – PPF: is applied as a pre-cut or rolled sheet self-adhesive film, Dry & or wet application.
  • Peelable Paint: Peelable paint is applied as a liquid, just like paint. Requiring drying time between coats. This is what builds the thickness of the coating for protection and easy peeling when you are ready.

Adaptability to Surfaces & Shape:

  • Vinyl – PPF: is flexible and can conform to various surface shapes, including curves and contours. but has its limits. On areas like bumper that have complicated shapes, vinyl & PPF have to make seams, inlays and joint to get full coverage to reduce the stress on the film. PPF & pre cut film leaves edges at the end of the panels not wrapping the panel completely. ABS or PC/ABS plastics vinyl and PPF so does not stick very well.
  • Peelable Paint: Starts off as a liquid just like paint so complicated shapes and surfaces including ABS is just as easy as painting it on. There is full coverage on ALL panels with NO inlays or seams. NO edges or knifes are used near the cars painted surface.


  • Vinyl – PPF: Removal of vinyl may require heat or adhesive removers, and it typically leaves some minimal residue behind. When removing PPF it is best to use a steamer and may damage OEM paint when removed.
  • Peelable Paint: Peelable paint is designed for easier removal by peeling. Leaving the underlying surface unaltered, with no glue residue left behind. Peelable Paint relies on a mechanical surface bond. When taped off and prepared properly by a certified installer there is no overspray to worry about. When a proper amount of material is applied, the coating is easy to peel.


  • Vinyl – PPF –Vinyl is durable and resistant to fading, making it suitable for a 2 to 4 year life span before removal is needed. Has a standard thickness of 2 to 4 mils. PPF is very durable and is more of a longer term application but is harder to peel & has fading problems turns yellow or discolor in less the 2 years depending on product used. With a standard thickness of 6 to 8 mills
  • Peelable Paint: Unique in that it offers the protection of PPF, clarity of water is backed by a warranty. Endless coverage & color option. Has a life span of 10+ year & comes in at a thickness of 8 to 10 mils. It’s the best of both worlds with none of the downsides.

Finish Options:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl offers a smooth finish in matte and satin but its glossy & the depth of depth of gloss is not up to OEM standard paint yet. PPF: Mostly clear & can provide a matte, satin or gloss finish. The gloss level of PPF is better then vinyl and in some product can match OEM paint standard.
  • Peelable Paint: Utilizes a modified 2k clear coat similar to a factory clear coat. We can achieve a level of gloss not ever seen on a peelable products. This also provides the ability to sand, buff, polish, wax, and ceramic coat the finish to achieve that showroom gloss level. We also have matt and satin finishes available.

Yes, when applied with the appropriate level of thickness, removing peelable paint is generally easy. It can be peeled off by hand without causing damage to the underlying surface. Some products may require additional tools, like a pressure washer, for removal.

Advantages include easy removal, 75,000 + colors, protection against scratches, rock chips, UV protection, seamless install, no glue residue left behind, gas & solvent resistan, OEM high gloss finish, long term life span, and the ability to change the appearance of your car without a permanent commitment.

Average install times take 1 -3 days; however can be longer with more services and what options were selected.

Peelable paint can offer paint protection against minor scratches, rock chips, UV protection and abrasions. Just like a paint protection film. but better…

Our Peelable Paint does provide the same finishes as traditional paint. It comes in Matte / Satin / High Gloss. It can even be sanded, buffed, polished, waxed & Ceramic Coated.

Our Peelable paint is designed for professional use only & can achieve an OEM car finish or better.

The lifespan of peelable paint varies based on factors such as exposure to weather, up keep (care) and the specific product used. It can last several years and even up to 10+ years.

Peelable paint is generally resistant to mild & harsh weather conditions, but prolonged exposure to extreme conditions can affect longevity. very similar to traditional paint.

Yes, our peelable paint was designed for car paint protection & is commonly used to customize and change the color as well. It can be applied to the vehicle’s exterior and removed without damaging the original paint.

Yes, peelable paint comes in over 75,000+ colors, and allows for custom color mixing. This enables users to achieve a personalized one of a kind look. If it can be done in paint it can be done in our peelable paint.

Peelable paint is applied as a liquid using spray guns. It requires proper surface preparation and drying time. Just like traditional paint.

Small damaged areas of peelable paint can be repaired by using a small amount of touch up paint. For larger areas we recommend peeling the panel, recoating and blending the color if needed.

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